Why Quality-Works.net™?

Life changes, business changes and change means growth of knowledge and experience. Effective quality management integrates and manages a traditional body of knowledge while continually welcoming and integrating new experience and information. That is why we created Quality-Works.net. We start with a base of solid professional knowledge and provide for easy integration of your emergent knowledge and experience. Quality-Works.net exists to build your knowledge and experience with quality.

Quality-Works.net builds knowledge and experience with quality. What does that mean?

  • Quality-Works.net starts with a foundation of more than 400 Procedures, 300 Processes and 100 Templates drawn from design, construction, project and quality management.
  • It helps you build the unique platform of Processes and Procedures needed for each project’s workflow plan. For example, it adds the programming and concept design phases of building design.
  • It may be easily customized to include new knowledge and experience specific to your company. It learns your lessons.
  • Quality-Works.net works in an ISO 9001 compliant fashion – not in your face, but in the background.

Suitable for any professional of any size company, whether your focus is on project, process or product management: