aka “What does that mean?”

Quality-Works.net uses terminology that may be foreign to some. Following is a list of terms and definitions used throughout our site and software:

Automatic Capture

Automatic Capture of project-related email refers to Quality-Works.net’s ability to capture email strings and attach them to the originating Action in Quality-Works.net, even if the respondents are not Quality-Works.net users and/or are not logged into Quality-Works.net. The application does this by attaching an alphanumeric string to each Action issued, such as |+6nWxEnvrkgchiLJO7KL1jfg==|, which identifies the origin point of the email. When a respondent hits their Reply button, the application inserts actions@quality-works.net as a CC. The end result is that the reply is captured by Quality-Works.net and attached as a Post to the originating Action. So long as a respondent does not delete or alter the alphanumeric string, or delete the actions email address, this capture will continue for the duration of the Action being open.

Browser (PC or Mac)

A browser is the software you use to access the internet, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Quality-Works.net operates on any free browser in either the Mac or PC environment. New developments in Quality-Works.net are typically tested on the Explorer, Firefox and Safari browsers in PC, and the Firefox, Safari, Camino, Opera and Chrome environments for Mac. However, browsers each have their own preferences and settings, so “your model may differ.” If Quality-Works.net looks different from what you expected, first check your browser settings. If something persists that you feel is wrong, please send us an email and tell us what computer and browser you are using. We are happy to look into it for you.

ISO 9001 compliant

ISO 9001 compliant means that Quality-Works.net’s design and structure is compliant with the requirements of the current version of the ISO 9001 standard for quality management. Using Quality-Works.net does not give you ISO certification, but an ISO auditor will be able to easily see that you are managing your company in an ISO compliant fashion, which should ease certification.

Live knowledge capture

Live knowledge capture is the process of identifying and capturing new knowledge in when it is discovered in real time. Quality-Works.net does this in two ways:

  1. When an Action in Quality-Works.net results in new knowledge, such as a new product review, or a new way of executing work, etc., a user may copy this proposed new knowledge with a single click to a Pending location in Quality-Works.net. A link to the proposed new knowledge is automatically emailed to staff who have been identified as subject matter experts. They may access, view, edit and discuss the proposal. When ready, they may quickly upload the new knowledge to a central Quality-Works.net database search-able by all Quality-Works.net staff users in your company. When a user identifies that a knowledge item will be helpful to their project, they can import a copy as an Action item directly into their project.
  2. Each Procedure in Quality-Works.net includes work instructions together with any required forms or templates. When an improved method of executing a procedure is identified, your Administrator may change the Procedure in a central location. The refined Procedure is immediately deployed to all active and future projects in your subscription, so that the next time that refined Procedure is accessed, the user sees the most up to date version, including any modified or added forms and templates.

Workflow management

Workflow management refers to defining, then managing the flow of work on a project. Workflow lays out the Procedures to be considered for a project in the logical order they should be considered in. Workflow is not a schedule, although due dates can be assigned to Actions, and Quality-Works.net can send out automatic reminders based on those due dates.

If you identify a term on the Quality-Works.net web site that you do not understand, please send us an email and let us know.