Great Features that Stand Alone AND work Together!


Unlike software that features stand alone, often disconnected modular elements, each function in Quality-Works.net is designed to build on and interact with all other elements. For example:

  • An issue solved becomes a valuable lesson learned and stored in a knowledge database with one click;
  • Specialized knowledge is imported into a current project with one click making sure everyone on the project has the same knowledge;
  • Each staff member may become an in-house expert who can be discovered and contacted in four clicks.

It’s that easy!


Recognizing the value of professional time, Quality-Work.net is designed to minimize the time and effort required to perform any task. For example, when a Procedure is completed, it changes text color from red to blue. We found the color change to be faster than any other  indicator.

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The often arduous tasks associated with ISO 9001 compliant record keeping are made as automated as possible with Quality-Works.net. For example, Actions are assigned and communicated directly from Quality-Works.net. Each assignment or reassignment is automatically and fully recorded when issued. Whether or not a person is a Quality-Works.net user or has the application open, email replies, reassignment, follow-up and completion evidence are automatically captured by Quality-Works.net and attached to the originating Action, creating a detailed record without worrying what to do with all that email!

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