System Requirements  

With your Mac or PC, you simply need an Internet browser and an Internet connection. works best on hardwired, Wi-Fi and wireless 3G-type (or better) connections. It even works on dial-up, but at a more relaxed speed! is tested and verified with most free browsers available for both Mac and PC.

Software Requirements:

Microsoft Office: Most forms and templates included in have been created using rich HTML. Since is not a spreadsheet or presentation program, a few attachments involving number manipulation or presentation require Excel (.xls) or PowerPoint (.ppt) to open.

Open Office: Not all documents have been tested but Open Office is very compatible. More testing will be done.

Browsers and Operating Systems:

Verified PC Browsers: Internet Explorer Version 6 or 7, Safari and Firefox. Windows XP or Windows 7 or 8

Verified Mac Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Camino, Chrome and Opera. Mac OS

Hardware requirements:

Any computer able to effectively run the Office suites above will be able to operate in the application.