What You Get

In addition to its unique, integrated work-flow, knowledge and quality management functionality, each subscription to Quality-Works.net comes pre-loaded with more than 1000 Procedures and 600 Processes, pre-organized into typical project work-flows, serving:

  • Facility Owners and Managers
  • Design and construction professionals
  • Specialized building envelope and building code professionals
  • Construction contractors
  • LEED Consultants

The Unique Way it’s all Organized

Processes are logically organized in three tiers: whole project and two additional subcategories. For building professionals these additional subcategories are typically building-by-building and floor-by-floor. This three tier approach, logical but unique in the industry, allows you to find procedures, instructions, checklists and forms that follow the logic of design and construction and store documents and records in the same logical fashion.

Quality-Works.net’s Flexibility

Because your staff may work in more than one division of a company, or more than one project type, Quality-Works.net’s three tiers are flexible, allowing businesses to use their own three tier vocabulary, such as Project, Area, and Discipline, or Project, Building, and Floor, for example. As a staff member focuses their daily activities on projects across divisions, Quality-Works.net automatically changes tier names and contents while preserving uniform functionality.

Project email is managed automatically!

Quality-Works.net attaches a time-dated record of every Quality-Works.net email issued, complete with attachments, to the originating Action. It attaches and time dates email replies to the originating Action, regardless of whether the respondent is a Quality-Works.net user or whether or not the user is logged into Quality-Works.net.

How often have you sent an email, then resent it with the attachments you forgot? Quality-Works.net prompts you to select from all of the attachments to an email string BEFORE sending the email.

How often have you been included in a pre-existing email string, only to wonder where are the attachments others are talking about? Quality-Works.net allows file or hyperlink attachment on the fly, always indicates who added what file, and consolidates the attachment list in one location so that you can open the “missing link.”

Setting up a Project

To set up a Quality-Works.net project:

Provide the three tiers of information:

  1. Project name
  2. Building or Area name
  3. Number of floors, disciplines, etc.

Identify the nature of the project using as few or as many “filters” as you wish. Our shareholder, Ledcor, uses up to ten filters, which they call the “Ten C’s”:

  1. Core procedures of the company – how we do what we do
  2. Client requirements or preferences
  3. Consultant requirements or preferences
  4. Contractor requirements or preferences
  5. Contract requirements, different for lump sum compared with management, etc.
  6. Cost range requirements, typically more for larger projects than for smaller
  7. Calendar requirements relating to schedule
  8. Climate preferences or requirements, including regulatory variations as well as climatic Construction type
  9. Complexity of project

Once you have identified the basic project parameters (tiers) and selected the services being provided from a pick list, Quality-Works.net needs no more than about twenty seconds to draft a Project Quality Plan (PQP) that incorporates each of the Processes and Procedures for consideration during project or process execution. A simple project may have 20 Procedures or a complex project more than 200.
For new subscribers, Quality-Works.net’s Procedures and Processes are pre-organized into typical requirements for core service types such as:

  • Prime Consultant
  • Architect
  • Building Envelope Consultant
  • Interior Designer
  • Contractor