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We have prepared a series of courses to cover all basics. However, we understand that one glove does not fit all. We assess your needs and design each training session to best suit your goals and your team. We create tailored training content applicable to your company’s day-to-day activities, while incorporating psychology-backed research into each of our products.

Team Development

• Personal Development
• Communication Skills
• Team Synergy

Management Excellence

• Management Synergy
• Train the Trainer
• Change Management


We will evaluate your processes and come up with the solutions you need.

Exclusive Offerings

On-demand tailored trainings to fit your individual needs.

Team Development

Personal Development

Increase Productivity

Our unique personal development training agenda is highly engaging and interactive. We have combined the most useful psychologically stimulating exercises in respect to various areas of life. Our goal is to cultivate a level of self-awareness that drives people to reach their highest potential both at work and in their personal lives.

Communication Skills

Increasе Employee Engagement

Most of us believe we are aware of our personal communication styles and we know those around us. This training is here to challenge those beliefs with a radical concept — what if some of our interactions with the outside world were reflections of the interactions between our conscious and subconscious mind? Participants will dive deep with a selection of mentally stimulating exercises, get to know themselves better, and appreciate themselves and others more.

Team Synergy

Build the Right Culture

The best functioning teams in business are diverse and consist of various personality types. Multiple perspectives and inclusive discussions are what drives businesses forward. However, difference in opinions sometimes creates tension and conflict. With the right mental exercises and knowledge of different personality types, your team members will understand each other better and celebrate their differences.

Management Excellence

Management Synergy

Inspire Your Employees to Perform Better

Does it challenge you to both motivate and demand performance from your employees? Do you need help building the synergy in your team? A well-functioning team is merely a reflection of well-educated management. Your job as a manager is to inspire your employees to want to achieve better instead of pressuring them into it. We can help you get the perspective and understanding needed in order to fully relate to each member of your team and cultivate internal motivation that drives them forward.

Train the Trainer

Increase your Retention Rate

A well prepared internal training team, or even a single trainer, can drastically impact your retention rate in the right direction. This practical, mentally stimulating and highly interactive training will boost your trainers to ensure a smooth onboarding process for your new joiners! Upon request, we will also consult your trainers on valuable strategies for ongoing knowledge base trainings of existing employees, cultivating the right culture for your organization, and building a user friendly internal procedures space.

Change Management

Lead Your Company to Success

Is your organization going through challenging changes? Do you find it hard to balance the levels of employee engagement and performance? Are you going through a merger of companies or teams? Support your management with the most relevant and up-to-date change management training now. We will break down the process for you and make it easier to handle!

About us

We are young, experienced and passionate professionals with management, training, mentoring, and consulting backgrounds.

▲    Experienced
Our team members have a minimum of 5 years training creation and facilitation experience.

▉    Diverse
We have combined experience in various operations fields in IT and the FinTech industry including Customer Service, Risk, and Compliance.

▞    Brave
We have built the culture, quality strategy and training needs of departments and teams from 10 to over 150 employees.

▶    Qualified
We have developed innovative applied strategies to increase customer satisfaction rate through employee workshops held in Europe and North America.

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